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Our Hawaii and Guam locations has an established team of professionals that have successfully completed construction projects according to the various scopes of work in the commercial, military, federal/local government and residential areas to their specifications, time and budget. Customer satisfaction according to their required specifications, time frame and budget motivates every facet of our contractor business. These long established qualities are integrated into every project participated by Allied Pacific Builders, Inc. Our staff are recognized for their attention to detail and communications skills to purge any inconveniences to the residences, commercial, local/federal government and military facilities having had years of experience with construction supervision, scheduling, quality control, coordination with the contracting officer or owner





"In contrast with other businesses contracted by the State, Allied Pacific Builders, Inc. has been professional in their dealings concerning this project. When unforeseen problems arose, the contractor went above and beyond to remedy the problem and expedite the solution; complied well with newly implemented "paperless" State procedures and demonstrated a proactive relationship with the school resulting in a smooth running project execution."

- Allan M. Yamada, DAGS Building Construction Inspector



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